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The ultimate guide against stubborn skin blemishes

Adulthood is not synonymous with perfect skin. Pimples, redness and other spots appear throughout life. Some imperfections are temporary, others stubborn. The most embarrassing and visible are of course those on the face. Different

Is cod liver oil good for the body?

By studying the diet of people living in remote areas of the northern hemisphere, scientists have concluded that it contributes to good health. Their diet consisted mainly of fish containing oils rich in essential fatty

What are the benefits of soap and shower gel?

Isn't the traditional soap put aside in favor of the shower gel? Isn't it almost hidden on the shelves? Both soap and body wash have many benefits, but beware! It all depends on your

4 eating habits to improve your complexion

A simple, balanced diet is one of the most common pieces of advice. But what exactly is this balance? What foods are beneficial for skin tone? To get a healthy glow, there's nothing like a

5 simple gestures for daily facial care

Even though taking care of your facial skin requires some discipline, doing it daily makes it look sublime in the long run. Still, there's reason to wonder if the endless lists of "do's"

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