By studying the diet of people living in remote areas of the northern hemisphere, scientists have concluded that it contributes to good health. Their diet consisted mainly of fish containing oils rich in essential fatty acids.

photo of cod in the ocean

A cod. Photo by Hans-Petter Fjeld (CC-BY-SA)

Cod liver has one advantage: its oil is beneficial to the human body. The oil, extracted from the liver of certain species of cod, contains rich nutrients, but rare in our daily diet.

Among other things, it contains a significant amount of vitamins A and D and omega 3. The consumption of a spoonful of oil per day is recommended by medicine. It is a habit to get into, good for your health.

Let’s take a closer look at what regular consumption of cod liver oil does for you. This article introduces the many benefits of oil for the human body as well as tips on its consumption.

To begin with, for what reasons is it advisable to drink cod liver oil?

For children and youth

cod liver oil capsules

Cod liver oil is often found in capsule form

Cod liver oil contributes to the health of the bone capital and especially to its growth. This is why it is strongly recommended in the diet of young children. It participates in their development.

This oil contains essential vitamins A and D for the growth and fixation of bones. It should be noted that these vitamins facilitate the absorption of iron, calcium and phosphorus. To note, nails and teeth also benefit from its properties.

The calf benefits from cod liver oil. The latter promotes the cognitive development of the baby.

Recommended for teenagers and young adults, omega 3 and vitamin A also protect the skin from blemishes such as acne.

As adults, cod liver oil continues to be recommended.

For adults

old cod liver oil commercial

It’s really not something new

If your nails tend to break easily, you can try a cod liver oil treatment.

In addition to the bone capital, several organs benefit from the virtues of this famous oil. The vitamins contained in cod liver oil indeed participate in the growth and proper functioning of muscles and certain organs such as the intestine.

Vitamins D and omega 3 further contribute to the functioning of the heart. For example, these substances preserve the body from inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

This oil is rich in iodine and is often prescribed for depression in adults: it is also thought to have virtues against cancer, heart disease and bad cholesterol.

Fatty acids provide benefits to hair and skin. Among other things, these substances mitigate burns from excessive UV exposure.

Cod liver oil plays a significant role in hair health, making it shinier and more flexible. If your hair is dull and dry, it loses its softness: why not try a cod liver oil treatment?

For mature people

photo of young and old

This oil benefits all ages

Cod liver oil is an excellent food that slows down the early aging of cells.

For example, the oil is beneficial for eyesight. It improves it and reduces the risk of age-related deterioration. The vitamin A and DHA (essential fatty acids) contribute to visual functions, especially of the retina. They prevent certain eye diseases.

Omega 3 and vitamin A also protect the skin against the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamins A and D strengthen the immune system. Regular consumption prevents diseases such as osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis. They also limit the decline in brain function as we age.

In fact, cod liver oil is one of the “superfoods”. Regardless of your age, it strengthens your immune system and benefits your body as a whole. This natural and safe product is worth testing.

Toward regular consumption

cod liver oil bottle Simply Supplements

A good cod liver oil assists the heart, brain, joints, skin and immune system

To test the effects of cod liver oil on your body, why not start with a few months’ treatment?

If you are not used to consuming cod liver and drinking its oil, it is possible that, the first time, you will be surprised by its taste and its strange smell. We advise you to try the capsules that are easily found in the shops: they are taste and odor free and are easily assimilated.

For example, cod liver oil capsules from the brand Simply Supplement are successful among its consumers. Easy to swallow, the capsules clearly provide their benefits to the body.

If you prefer to dose yourself, you can opt for an oil in liquid form. Natures Aid offers 500 ml of the oil, which is ideal for a first treatment.

The package insert that comes with the can indicates what doses to ingest based on your age and weight.

On the other hand, beware of contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to consume cod liver oil at the same time as medications that thin the blood or contain vitamins A and D. Overconsumption of these vitamins can cause side effects in some people (nausea, diarrhea, etc.).

Final Words

To conclude, cod liver oil is a harmless product for health and promises many benefits. This oil is likely to alleviate some of your repetitive and stubborn ailments. A cure is, for example, potentially effective to alleviate your winter deficiencies or dangerous exposure to the sun in the summer period.

Of course, take precautions before consuming it on a daily basis. You can ask for a practitioner’s advice and also consult the explanatory notes.

Finally, a cure of a few weeks or even months will confirm or not the curative effects of cod liver oil. Every organism reacts differently. It’s up to you to see if this oil can be a real treatment!